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Online Flirting: Determining naughty vs. nice when it’s none of Santa’s business

One of the questions which may potentially puzzle some of the three billion internet users today centers around “appropriate” online conduct. The concept of what could be considered proper and accepted behavior as opposed to actions which may range in perceived severity from being “frowned upon” to blatantly offensive are subjective and often hard to measure. To create a few scenarios which can be utilized as a learning experience examples of commonly considered “donts” for online flirting might help clarify matters. In an effort create a more interesting study, cam girls will serve as the theme and double as the laboratory for the study.

1. Violence or Threat of Harm:
While flirting it is completely unacceptable to put forth any actions or statements which imply or state the attention of causing someone harm. Let us examine the common statement below and see what potential limits may apply.

“I would love to bang your head against the headboard.”

* As a stand alone compliment – Implying that the physical attraction is so intense that it makes the one flirting desire to have vigorous sexual activity with the webcam person might well be viewed as completely harmless flattery by a standard cam-person. For those who are south of conservative sexually speaking and approaching the classification of “uptight,” it might tiptoe across the comfort border, but those types will seldom be nude and writhing about on a camera for strangers to see. Thus cam girls might be considered a unique study group.

* “Add-on” accessory words and phrases like for example “until your nose bleeds” or “until you have a concussion” might start to approach and even cross over the center-line on the playing field of acceptability. A nosebleed as a result of intense sex is going to either be viewed as a bit of a “sweet nothing” and even a “turn on” to those who are into rough sex. A harsh threat of violence will most likely be the perception for those who barely break a sweat in a semi-ceremonious mundane act of clinically classified coitus.

* The word “concussion” is where the line starts to become more apparent. For those whose preference for the rough and tumble world of whips, chains, and other less physically friendly practices who view this as a gentle challenge, a “no harm, no foul” philosophy might be adopted. Anytime, however, a necessary trip to the emergency room to check for a concussion might be in order it would most likely result in the loss of this fan group. Concussion testing and the possible need for stitches may well be where that line is crossed for most.

***It is worth noting that protective headgear should be considered a best practice and procedure when discussing potential headboard impacts which may exceed the usually accepted range of motion associated with only a tiny occasional bump or possible minor bruise.

2. Racism:
Any language or term which might be considered racist in nature is completely unacceptable. It is worth mentioning however that certain words which infer a particular type of minority without consideration of race or ethnicity may be perfectly acceptable. Examples of those terms include but are not limited to:

* Babealicious – This one meets acceptability standards due to the absence of racial specificity and can only be technically disallowed or allowed based on guidelines by the Food and Drug Administration’s guidelines. The term “alicious” tends to imply flavor, and its interpretation belongs strictly under the umbrella of the FDA.

Other FDA regulated terms might include:

* Studmuffin – FDA terms defining baked goods would apply. Others terms recognized to fall under the FDA regulations not considered slurs would include honey melons, honey pot, honey pie, beefcake, cheesecake, sugar pie, and popsicle toes to name a few.

* Other FDA regulated terms which may be considered to delve into possible naughty zones are: Pickle, cucumber, taco,(depending on the set of accompanying ingredients listed), trouser-trout, clam, oyster,(bearded or not), bologna, kielbasa, and other food associated terms.

* The Center for Disease Control,(CDC) is responsible for considerations in determining the medical implications of individual labeling which might be offensive. The following terms, Sugar bumps,(after the study to determine whether the word “sugar” fell under FDA vs. “bumps” being owned by the CDC which cost an estimated $17 million tax dollars was completed), mosquito bites, and the recently added term “blue balls”(which was recently added after 4 years of debate), are a few popular ones. Blue Balls supporters won by those who used the term “scarlet fever” to hold up the addition despite the counterclaim that the temperature of the balls would need to be registered to follow that fever chain of relevance. It was clinically determined by the CDC that balls out in public would not be considered eligible for random temperature testing by medical officials regardless of color.

3. Being Mean and Rude and Insulting In General:
The world is filled with enough meanness to carry over several generations into the future. When it comes to rude people, they can be found anywhere there are signs of life.(intelligent or not) As for those who insult, they usually lack something of significance which they are unable to find within themselves. When it comes to conduct which might be considered unacceptable to a cam girl there are two common sense rules which best apply:

* Ask politely if something offends them and then stop it accordingly.

* Simply be respectful and treat them as you would want to be treated if the roles were reversed.