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Does Mainstream Media Impact The Adult Webcam Niche?


Man figure between woman breast

When we think of popular media, we often think of more mainstream entertainment. Popular movies, television shows, radio programs, magazines, and the like. Then there is more niche media, such as gory horror movies, cult-hit television comedies, and so forth. The internet itself is a mixture of mainstream and niche entertainment. For every Netflix show that has millions of viewers talking about it, there is some less-discussed niche that still has fans. One major niche across all media is adult entertainment. Sometimes talked about in hushed-tones, adult entertainment is still a big niche. Over the last years mainstream media has talked about everything from porn to adult webcams much more openly. What impact has the more mainstream media had on an entertainment niche such as adult webcam chat, however? That is what this piece aims to explore!

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