The 10 Best Sex Games to Play to Spice Up Your Routine


Sexy game
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When it comes to your relationship with your significant other sometimes you can get in a bit of a rut. Life becomes busy, sex becomes routine (or doesn’t happen at all), and what was once a hot and fiery relationship is as spicy as spoiled milk. Don’t fret, however, as there are a number of stellar sex games you can play in order to spice up that stagnant routine and turn the mundane into the imaginative!


Tongue lick
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This game is all about foreplay. Kiss, caress, nibble, massage, lick your partner, and anything else you can think of without actually having sex. Take turns doing this to each other for increasing intervals of time (5 minutes each, 10 minutes each, 15 minutes each) and whoever breaks down and wants to have sex first is the, “Loser,” although honestly, you both win!


A word of warning before this game– some people find tickling to be extremely arousing and some do not find it sparks their erogenous zones at all, so keep in mind your mileage may vary. Assuming you and your partner both find it sexy, you can tie one person up and then the partner who isn’t bound gives the other little tickles. You can tickle their feet, neck, armpits, whatever. Keep doing this until your partner declares they’ve had enough and is ready to get down to business. The light bondage and tickling make a delightful combo!


Blindfolded sexy game
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Another game with light bondage. Either you or your partner puts on a blindfold. Then they sit or lay upon the bed and their partner gently touches and arouses them. Being without a sense of sight makes every sensation that much stronger and it has been shown in studies that not being able to see can help relax people and reduce inhibitions. If you really want to get wild you can incorporate sensation such as ice cubes being rubbed on your partner to bring-in even more zing!


This is another game that requires a disclaimer. Some people are really excited by food–especially decadent food, with similar areas of the brain triggering as our sexual arousal. This doesn’t impact all people, however, so discuss with your partner before you try this potentially messy game. Basically, you should get sweet and runny treats such as chocolate syrup, caramel sauce, and anything else that is easy to squirt or spread on your partner and then have you lick up!

The sensation of the food on someone’s body and their partner’s tongue lapping it up can make some people wild with desire. Be advised, however, never put food directly on or in your genitals–that can throw off the PH level of a vagina to an extreme degree and lead to infections (and nobody wants syrup up their urethra either)!


Couple watching live cam show

The idea of physically bringing another person into your bedroom can be very imposing to many couples, but one way to make sex a bit more social or fulfill some voyeuristic urges is to incorporate webcams into your sex-play. You can find a sexy man, woman, or couple and all enjoy erotic pleasure without the awkwardness of having someone actually in your house. Camming can keep things fresh and the people you meet might give you even more ideas for erotic fun!


Couple roleplaying
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Yes, sometimes a bit of good old-fashioned roleplaying can be a simple yet effective way to spice things up. It can be as general as pretending you are two other people with your dialogue or as elaborate as wearing costumes, wigs, and makeup. There is no wrong way to roleplay whether you keep it minimalist or go all-out, the main thing is that you and your partner pick a scenario that excites you and then explore it in a safe and sexy way!


We know that classic game where someone wanders around a room looking for an object with the other person telling them if they’re getting, “Warmer,” or, “Cooler.” You can take this classic game of, “Hot and cold,” and tweak it to involve your bodies! Think of a random spot on your body and have your partner start rubbing/kissing/etc. upon you. As their hands or mouth get closer to the special spot you thought of you can tell them they are getting, “Warmer,” and once they find the exact point (be it your lips, ears, lower back, or if you want to get right to the point, your genitals) that means they’ve won!


For this game, you each take a few pieces of paper and write down a fantasy. After writing the fantasies down you throw your papers into a cup/bowl, shake it up, and pick one (or however many you want) out of the bowl. Once the fantasy is read aloud if you both agree to it, you can give it a try! Sometimes people are afraid to voice their fantasies for fear of being judged, so writing it down can help make things a little less imposing. Plus, sometimes people are not even sure what their fantasies are, but by thinking about it a world of sexual possibilities opens up!


Strip poker
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If you both know how to play Poker you can do it where instead of betting chips the loser has to remove an item of clothing every round. It doesn’t have to just be Poker, however. Any game can be a game of stripping if you tweak the rules right. You can play strip Chess, strip Monopoly, or even have it tie-in with a video-game! As long as eventually someone ends-up naked and aroused you’re doing it right!


“Truth or Dare,” is already a game loaded with raunchy possibilities so this version just gets right to the point of such a game and makes the focus sex from the start. Each partner takes turns saying if they want to answer a sexy question truthfully or if they’d like to do a dirty dare. This is a great way to open-up honest communication about sex (“Would you ever want a three-way?”) and encourages partners to explore, “I dare you to put it in my ass.”


Not every single game will appeal to your or your partner, but some surely will sound like they’re worth giving a try. You and your lady/man can pick whatever appeals to you and explore one or more of these games today! You have nothing to lose and a lot of pleasure to gain!

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