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6 Reasons Why Cross-Border Love Is Trending More And More In 2020

Distance makes the heart grow fonder…and hornier!

Couple kissing

Cross-border romance is essentially when a person who lives in one country engages in a romantic and/or erotic relationship with another person who lives in a different country. Cross-border romances sometimes happen physically, as a couple who live near a border meet-up and navigate the complexities of such a relationship (especially in Europe with its many small nations, but they even more commonly occur online.

Cross-border romances have been getting a lot of media attention lately, from popular reality television like, “ 90 Day Fiance” to an International hit show titled, “ Crash Landing” about a South Korean and North Korean falling into a forbidden romance. Why is cross-border romance becoming so popular in 2020, however? There are a number of equally-valid theories and reasons worth considering.

Some reasons cross-border love may be on the rise:

1. Long-distance communication sometimes may be the only communication option

Due to COVID-19 being a major concern in 2020 (and for the foreseeable future), many of us are currently unable to travel very far out of our own towns–let alone to another country. Numerous Nations are forbidding people from exiting or entering depending on where they are coming from, and it is generally safest to just stay home. In a paradoxical twist, however, this tendency for us to be stuck at home has resulted in us reaching-out more to others via our favorite method of long-distance communication–you know, your computer.

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Online Flirting: Determining naughty vs. nice when it’s none of Santa’s business

One of the questions which may potentially puzzle some of the three billion internet users today centers around “appropriate” online conduct. The concept of what could be considered proper and accepted behavior as opposed to actions which may range in perceived severity from being “frowned upon” to blatantly offensive are subjective and often hard to measure. To create a few scenarios which can be utilized as a learning experience examples of commonly considered “donts” for online flirting might help clarify matters. In an effort create a more interesting study, cam girls will serve as the theme and double as the laboratory for the study.

1. Violence or Threat of Harm:
While flirting it is completely unacceptable to put forth any actions or statements which imply or state the attention of causing someone harm. Let us examine the common statement below and see what potential limits may apply.

“I would love to bang your head against the headboard.”

* As a stand alone compliment – Implying that the physical attraction is so intense that it makes the one flirting desire to have vigorous sexual activity with the webcam person might well be viewed as completely harmless flattery by a standard cam-person. For those who are south of conservative sexually speaking and approaching the classification of “uptight,” it might tiptoe across the comfort border, but those types will seldom be nude and writhing about on a camera for strangers to see. Thus cam girls might be considered a unique study group.

* “Add-on” accessory words and phrases like for example “until your nose bleeds” or “until you have a concussion” might start to approach and even cross over the center-line on the playing field of acceptability. A nosebleed as a result of intense sex is going to either be viewed as a bit of a “sweet nothing” and even a “turn on” to those who are into rough sex. A harsh threat of violence will most likely be the perception for those who barely break a sweat in a semi-ceremonious mundane act of clinically classified coitus.

* The word “concussion” is where the line starts to become more apparent. For those whose preference for the rough and tumble world of whips, chains, and other less physically friendly practices who view this as a gentle challenge, a “no harm, no foul” philosophy might be adopted. Anytime, however, a necessary trip to the emergency room to check for a concussion might be in order it would most likely result in the loss of this fan group. Concussion testing and the possible need for stitches may well be where that line is crossed for most.

***It is worth noting that protective headgear should be considered a best practice and procedure when discussing potential headboard impacts which may exceed the usually accepted range of motion associated with only a tiny occasional bump or possible minor bruise.

2. Racism:
Any language or term which might be considered racist in nature is completely unacceptable. It is worth mentioning however that certain words which infer a particular type of minority without consideration of race or ethnicity may be perfectly acceptable. Examples of those terms include but are not limited to:

* Babealicious – This one meets acceptability standards due to the absence of racial specificity and can only be technically disallowed or allowed based on guidelines by the Food and Drug Administration’s guidelines. The term “alicious” tends to imply flavor, and its interpretation belongs strictly under the umbrella of the FDA.

Other FDA regulated terms might include:

* Studmuffin – FDA terms defining baked goods would apply. Others terms recognized to fall under the FDA regulations not considered slurs would include honey melons, honey pot, honey pie, beefcake, cheesecake, sugar pie, and popsicle toes to name a few.

* Other FDA regulated terms which may be considered to delve into possible naughty zones are: Pickle, cucumber, taco,(depending on the set of accompanying ingredients listed), trouser-trout, clam, oyster,(bearded or not), bologna, kielbasa, and other food associated terms.

* The Center for Disease Control,(CDC) is responsible for considerations in determining the medical implications of individual labeling which might be offensive. The following terms, Sugar bumps,(after the study to determine whether the word “sugar” fell under FDA vs. “bumps” being owned by the CDC which cost an estimated $17 million tax dollars was completed), mosquito bites, and the recently added term “blue balls”(which was recently added after 4 years of debate), are a few popular ones. Blue Balls supporters won by those who used the term “scarlet fever” to hold up the addition despite the counterclaim that the temperature of the balls would need to be registered to follow that fever chain of relevance. It was clinically determined by the CDC that balls out in public would not be considered eligible for random temperature testing by medical officials regardless of color.

3. Being Mean and Rude and Insulting In General:
The world is filled with enough meanness to carry over several generations into the future. When it comes to rude people, they can be found anywhere there are signs of life.(intelligent or not) As for those who insult, they usually lack something of significance which they are unable to find within themselves. When it comes to conduct which might be considered unacceptable to a cam girl there are two common sense rules which best apply:

* Ask politely if something offends them and then stop it accordingly.

* Simply be respectful and treat them as you would want to be treated if the roles were reversed.

Hardcore lesbian webcam show – thing of beauty

lesbiansThe best way for us to paint you a picture of how hot sapphic live sex shows are and what they are all about is for us to try and describe you what you might get when you visit a couple of sexy girls in private. This may not be the description of every lesbian live cam show, but it is a great example of what you can get and what you are likely to get if you go for your vanilla lesbo sex show at Camzter.

It all starts with two sexy girls in their room together, or in their kitchen, bathroom, you never know. They want to meet you and you can get to know them as well. Once the chit chat is done and the real stuff begins, you can expect to see all kinds of stuff happening. The girls usually start things off slow, kissing, perhaps touching each other. As they do, they get wetter and wetter and the clothes start coming off. Soon enough, the girl are nude and caressing those sexy bods, touching each other, kissing each other’s titties and whatnot.

Once they get going, you can see them rubbing one another’s big clits, getting them bigger and getting so horny that you will not have to tell them what to do any longer. The girls start working those slits and munching on those clits and they start exploding, one and then another. By this time, the girls usually whip out their big toys and they start slamming each other, making those tight pussies suffer at the hands of huge toys and these horny girls. Soon enough, the girls are cumming all over the place, their juices start flying and the girls are so wild that you are afraid they will burn up.

Of course, you can change all this, you can have the girls do stuff that you want. They are always glad to hear suggestions and they love when their new friends join the fun. Just do not be shy and do not be a jerk. Remember that and you will have the best time of your life with your new lesbian webcam friends.

Adult video chat – is it worth your time?

camzter-cam-girlOne of the main reasons why people love adult webcam shows and why so many people spend their waking hours on webcam sites is that they can meet all kinds of girls there and we mean all kinds. This variety of girls is something that you cannot find anywhere else and the best thing is that these girls are there to have live sex with you. These girls, all of these wonderful girls are ready to video chat anytime.

We are 100% sure that on you can even find plenty of your next door girls, girls that you could easily meet in your neighborhood, chicks that look like that one sexy babe from your high school. There are also fricking porn stars who do live sex show and you would not believe what huge names do this frequently. You can, no kidding, find yourself talking to a star as big as Kayden Kros or Jesse Jane or Asa Akira on our site. Sure, they are not there all the time, but they do have scheduled shows.

There are also other types of girls. You have your sexy teens, you have your naughty milfs, you have your delicious Latino scorchers and you have your dainty Asian chicks, You have your girls who are shy and those that are outright nasty as hell. You have girls that will tease you to death and those that cannot wait to shove two huge toys up their holes and make you cum in seconds. You have your naughty fetish girls and you have your college girls who do not know what they are doing exactly but who make great webcam models.

When we go into details, such as breast size, body type, hair color, length, fantasies and other kinds of stuff, you get even more choice. And among all those girls is your perfect webcam babe, the one you were looking for your entire life. And all it takes is some searching to find her.

Lesbian live sex – pure hotness coming live to you

lesbian cam girlsIf there is one thing better than checking out a live sex show with a hot babe giving herself one orgasm after another then it is checking out a live sex show with two babes doing it to each other. And that is exactly what lesbian live sex shows are all about. They are what they are supposed to be. They are little shows, little nuggets of pure gold that you will see and never forget. Trust us, there are a few things in this world, if any at all, that can compete with the utter hotness that is the lesbian live sex show.

There are plenty of girls who are doing lesbian adult chat these days and all of them are so incredibly hot that you will be spending hours with them, totally mesmerized by what you will see when these girls get going and when their pussies start craving for pleasure which happens in matter of minutes, if not seconds. These girls all have serious hunger for ecstasy and you are there when they get it.

Lesbian live sex shows are amazing for one very simple thing. These girls love having sex with one another and you are just there as a bonus, as someone who will get the girls to be extra naughty and extra wild. They love when they have audience and you, as audience, better be ready to see something that will knock your socks off your feet. The amount of pure lesbian passion, the amount of pussy licking, the amount of toying and strapon fucking; all of it will make you praise the day when you heard of a thing called lesbian live sex.

The best thing that you can do is leave it to the girls to do what they want. Of course, if there is something you are really into, you can always let them know, but for the most part, you can simply sit back, relax and let the girls wow you. They will. They do it every single time.

Make sure that you find that perfect couple of girls, though. If you want, you can have some really nubile babes having lesbian sex for the first time or, which is one of my total favorites, find a couple where a more experienced babe is teaching her younger girlfriend all about hard lesbo sex. That is something you do not want to miss.

Hardcore live sex shows – your own porno

coupleIt is safe to say that most fans of live sex began as fans of porn. Porn was here before live sex and for most of us, porn was the first time we saw other people fucking, getting off on their own or doing anything that would fall under the porn category. The thing with live sex and webcam shows is that it takes the idea to a whole new level and that it makes things much more personal and much more unique and one of a kind. Bear with us, we do have a point.

Porn is a made product. It was shot yesterday, or two months ago or even a few decades ago, if you are into vintage porn. And it is done. You cannot do anything but watch it in hopes that you will enjoy it. And there is just so much of it out there these days that you can never be truly sure that you will be getting what you were looking for. And that is why live sex is so great, especially the hardcore live shows where you get a horny couple who will be so much more than just a couple of pornstars who got a big check to have sex in front of the camera.

With a hardcore live sex show, you get so much more than you do from regular porn. First of all, you get two people who are really into each other and who know how to have fun. You get two people who would have sex even if not for you and for whom you are only a bonus, a guy (or a girl) who makes things even hotter by watching them. Of course, all of this makes for the hottest sex you can see in your life.

Moreover, it is your own porno flick that is happening at the moment. You can get your say and you can direct your own little porno that will concentrate on the stuff you like. You like blowjobs more than penetration? No problem, you ask your favorite webcam couple to show you the best blowjob in the world. You want the girl to keep her socks on as they fuck? No problem. There is no problem whatever your fantasy or preference might be. They will love it as they love trying out new things.

Oh yes, we must also not forget the fact that you choose your own couple.

Tight teen girls for the best live sex shows


Teen girls have the sweetest, tightest snatches in the world and people who love live sex love those delicate nubile things that can turn every day into the best day of your life. These girls know that they are hot as hell and they are not afraid to use that hotness to make you the happiest guy in the world. They put on such marvelous live sex shows that you will think of a day without them as an incomplete day.

Teen girls are also the most adventurous adult chat babes around as they are still finding out stuff about their own bodies and their own dirty minds. These girls still don’t know everything that can make them wet and hot and you can always be the person to help them find these things out. The girls can also be very cute when they want and this combination of sweetness and absolute hotness once they get going is something that everyone loves.

There are some really hot teen chicks to enjoy on, from busty babes who have some seriously curvy bods to those that are more lithe and nubile. In any case, you are getting girls who are insanely hot and who know how to move and how to play with their new friends.

More often than not, you will find that these girls are just ridiculously horny and that for them their live sex shows are the chance to get off and to have some fun. Teen girls do not see adult chat as work or as their profession. They see it as a way of having fun with some new people and a way of spending a day with some sex included. Teen girls are horny, they are sexy and they are always ready to please new friends.

What makes live sex shows so great?

HotGoddessTo say that live sex shows are great would actually be an understatement. These shows are some of the best things in the world and you can get one every day. Hell, you can get dozens of live shows every day if you feel like it. But since most of us are satisfied with one or two per day, we will leave it at that. The fact is that they are great and we would like to give you a few hints as to why this is so.

First of all, you can count on some really hot girls. And there are dozens of different types of girls that you can get to do a live sex show for you. For example, you can have nubile barely legal teen girls who are making their first moves in the industry and who are aiming to please. You can have various milfs whose bodies are made for fun and whose minds are very dirty. You can have dominating girls or submissive girls; you can have Latinas or you can have Asian hotties, you can even have trannies, if that is your cup of tea, no one judges and no one discriminates.

You can also have all kinds of hot shows on webcam websites. You can get a one on one show with a single girl; let’s say a hot busty teen with a smooth slit and a great hunger for orgasms. You can have a lesbian live sex show with two or more girls going down on each other and giving one another screaming orgasms. You can have couples live sex shows where guys are plowing their sexy girlfriends while you watch. And there are tons of other kinds all waiting for you to discover them.

Live sex shows are also great because you have the reins and because you get to see what you want to see. You are the master of your domain and you get to say what is to happen and how it is going to happen. You like things slow and passionate, you can have it; you like things raw and steamy, you can have it. It is all down to your wishes, your dreams and your fantasies. And that is the main thing why live sex shows are so great. The fantasies that come true.