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10 great relationship resolutions for couples you both should make today

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Why do people only ever seem to make resolutions for a new year? We think it is never too late or too early to make some resolutions; plus, considering how all of 2020 and even the start of 2021 were extremely hard on couples, why not make some relationship resolutions? We’ve got 10 fantastic ones that you should make today–not for next year, right now! These are in no particular order as they are all important, so let’s dive in!

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Thinking of dating a camgirl? Here are top 30 questions to ask before it gets serious.

Questions Before Commitment

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“Going steady,” “Courting,” “Dating,” there are many words for it, but basically it means you spend your time focused on someone who you feel is special to you. If you are a fan of cams such as the ones here at Camzter TV, you might have a cam girl you want to focus that time on and date. However, when it comes to making such a move there are questions you should ask your potential lady before going from the occasional sessions to thinking of yourselves as dating.

To assist you in this, we’ve got 30 questions worth asking your partner. Some questions can apply to any sort of relationship and some are specific to camgirls. Don’t feel like you have to run down these questions as if doing a checklist, just try and introduce a question now-and-then to get a clearer idea if your camgirl wants the same things out of your interactions as you do.

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The 10 Best Sex Games to Play to Spice Up Your Routine


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When it comes to your relationship with your significant other sometimes you can get in a bit of a rut. Life becomes busy, sex becomes routine (or doesn’t happen at all), and what was once a hot and fiery relationship is as spicy as spoiled milk. Don’t fret, however, as there are a number of stellar sex games you can play in order to spice up that stagnant routine and turn the mundane into the imaginative!

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Does Mainstream Media Impact The Adult Webcam Niche?


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When we think of popular media, we often think of more mainstream entertainment. Popular movies, television shows, radio programs, magazines, and the like. Then there is more niche media, such as gory horror movies, cult-hit television comedies, and so forth. The internet itself is a mixture of mainstream and niche entertainment. For every Netflix show that has millions of viewers talking about it, there is some less-discussed niche that still has fans. One major niche across all media is adult entertainment. Sometimes talked about in hushed-tones, adult entertainment is still a big niche. Over the last years mainstream media has talked about everything from porn to adult webcams much more openly. What impact has the more mainstream media had on an entertainment niche such as adult webcam chat, however? That is what this piece aims to explore!

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COVID-19 has altered the World more than any of us have ever experienced in our lifetimes. Everything has changed, from how we eat (restaurants have new rules) to seeing movies (theaters have been closed), to how we experience sex and romance. Numerous health and safety agencies have said unless you live with someone you shouldn’t be having in-person sex with anybody (Source: It just simply isn’t safe to go out and meet someone for face-to-face contact.

Thankfully, it’s 2020 and we have the opportunity to use webcam chat services to have fun while maintaining social distance! If you get on cams you not only are having fun and getting-off, you’re being a responsible citizen and being thoughtful about the health and safety of others–it’s a win-win! How do you make the most out of adult cam chat during the COVID-19 pandemic, however? Here are some helpful tips!

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How to Enjoy Cams as a Couple

Keeping Things Fresh

When you’re in a relationship it can feel wonderful. Relationships bring comfort, stability, and happiness. The thing is, a relationship can also sometimes lose that, “Fresh,” feeling after a well and before you know it things are predictable, boring, and even at times lacking in that sexual, “Spark,” that you and your partner had earlier on. Now, there is no magic number that works for all couples when it comes to how often should they should do anything from basic intimacy like kissing to more exotic activities that could involve whips, chains, or ropes.

One size does not fit all, metaphorically speaking. However, if you and your partner are worried things are dull, or simply want to avoid the chance things will ever get boring, study after study and article after article will tell you that trying new things is the key to keeping things hot in the bedroom and making sure your intimacy is hot and heavy. One of the most common fantasies men and women have in relationships (be they male-male, male-female, or female-female) is multi-partner sex.

A lot of people are nervous to physically bring another man or woman into a couple’s sex-life, however. What’s a solution to try something new and fiery like incorporating another partner or couple without it being too awkward, however? One excellent solution is using cams!

Three Reasons to Try Camming As a Couple

You’ve read about why it is good to try something new sexually with your partner, but why consider cams specifically? Let’s explore three big reasons that you can discuss with your partner if you choose to bring up the idea of perhaps considering camming together.

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What to Say to a Cam Girl During Your First Private Show

RedFire cam girl

It’s Normal to Be Nervous…

Here at Camzter, we have a wide selection of incredible women so the odds are pretty good before too long you’ll find that perfect lady. Whether it is Latina, Asian, ebony or white cam girl, there is no telling what about her will catch your eye, but something will. Perhaps some striking eyes, a gentle laugh, or she’ll just be jaw-droppingly gorgeous. Whatever it is there will be a cam girl you’ll want to have a private show with, and the first time you ever have one you may be nervous. With that in mind, we’ve made this helpful piece about what to say to a cam girl during your first private show! This is by no means a guide that must be strictly followed step-by-step, instead think of it as a helpful blueprint to refer to for ideas should you find yourself getting anxious or tripping-up on your words.

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5 Reasons to Chat with Big-Tit MILF Cam Girls

MILFs? What Are Those?

The term, “MILF,” is slang for, “Mom I’d Like to Fuck.” While the term had been around for a long time, it was not until the release of the movie, “American Pie,” in 1999 that it became a super-popular phrase. In the movie one of the Senior guys in a group is extremely attracted to another’s Mom who is an older woman with big tits–and she is repeatedly referred to as a, “MILF.” Thanks to the movie’s success and how catchy the phrase itself is, from then on, “MILFS,” have been thought of as older women who often have very large breasts. Now that you know what a MILF is, you may be wondering what the benefits are to talking with one. Well, we here at Camzter are eager to tell you 5 reasons you want to chat with big-tit MILF cam girls!

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6 Reasons to Chat with Latina Cam Girls

Giving Latina Women a Try…

Let’s be honest, there are a wide-range of cam girls out there and you maybe have a particular kind of women you like. Lot’s of people love pale skinned women with bright and straight blonde hair or at the opposite end of that spectrum dark-skinned ebony beauties with jet-black hair that curls gorgeously–and there is nothing wrong with that! The thing is, within this spectrum of races and ethnicities one demographic that people may not immediately think about but which is absolutely worth chatting with would be Latinas. is loaded with hot and sexy Latina cam girls, but why should you consider deviating from what might be your usual routine? Well, here are 6 reasons to give chatting with a spicy Latina a try!

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5 Tips for Having the Best Online Sex on Camzter

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When it comes to having online sex one of the most popular ways around is via cam sites. By talking with sexy women or men over a webcam it is a personal experience much better than just typing with a faceless stranger or hearing a voice over the phone. Plenty of articles have discussed how webcams have revolutionized sex, but people are often too shy to talk about it (for example: ). With that in mind, this article is going to, “Break the silence,” and offer 5 tips that will help you have even better sex with cam sites than you would if you simply, “Went in blind, “to trying them.

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