5 Tips for Having the Best Online Sex on Camzter

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When it comes to having online sex one of the most popular ways around is via cam sites. By talking with sexy women or men over a webcam it is a personal experience much better than just typing with a faceless stranger or hearing a voice over the phone. Plenty of articles have discussed how webcams have revolutionized sex, but people are often too shy to talk about it (for example: http://theconversation.com/webcamming-the-sex-work-revolution-that-no-one-is-willing-to-talk-about-69834 ). With that in mind, this article is going to, “Break the silence,” and offer 5 tips that will help you have even better sex with cam sites than you would if you simply, “Went in blind, “to trying them.

1. Be Comfortable!

If you’re going to have sex you don’t want to feel uncomfortable, so make sure you are relaxed! Put on clothing that feels good, have the lightning how you want, and if you find it more romantic to light a candle or spray some sensual smells do that too. The whole point of sex is to feel relaxed and having online sex with cam sites is no different.

2. Set Aside Enough Time

You do not want to have to rush through your cam sex, that makes it a lot less fun if you’re constantly checking the clock and in a hurry to, “Get off,” instead of savoring the moment. Give yourself plenty of time for foreplay and you’ll find if you take extra time to get to your, “Destination,” that makes the journey to your orgasm that much better!

3. Know (or Get to Know) Your Partner

Assuming you’ve followed the first two steps of being comfortable and having plenty of time now you can focus on getting to know your online sex partner if they are a new person or enjoy the things you know they like if you’re familiar with them. Sex is best if both partners are having fun so talk about the kinds of things your sex partner likes. If they are a fan of toys, use them! If they really enjoy dirty-talk, then you both can do that. By having an awareness of what your sex partner likes you can take what would otherwise be a so-so cam experience and turn it into something really hot and fun!

4. Don’t be Afraid to Say, “No,” to What you Don’t Like and, “Yes,” to What You Do

Just as you want to get to know your partner, you need to help them get to understand what you like too. If your sex partner makes a suggestion to do something that simply does not turn you on you need to feel comfortable (there’s that word again!) with saying you would rather do something else. Your sex partner should understand if their idea of what is sexy is the opposite of yours and if you are able to say ,”No,” to an idea that simply is unappealing then you both can work together to figure out what something is you both can say, “Yes,” to so that you’re having an exciting and erotic time together!

5. Bring in a Third (or Fourth!)

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Having online sex with someone where it is just the two of you interacting can be fun, but to really get things wild why not bring a third person in online or in-person? On couple webcams page at Camzter.tv you can find lots of horny guys and girls to get you started. If you and your online sex partner both have people in the room with them you can do all kinds of naughty things like make a game to see who can get their partner off first, or simply make it an awesome orgy of everyone online and in-person masturbating to see who can, “Finish,” first or last the longest and get-off last. Bringing more people into your online sex-play opens-up so many possibilities!


When it comes to having online sex on Camzter website it truly is revolutionary and offers all kinds of exciting ways to be aroused and get off. Hopefully these 5 tips for having the best online sex on cam sites will allow you to have cam sex that is simply unforgettable thanks to how hot, nasty, and fun it is! As long as you are comfortable, give yourself lots of time, understand your partner, feel comfortable saying, “No,” to things you dislike (and, “Yes,” to things you do), and maybe even bring in an extra person for some extra-zing, you are sure to have a fantastic time!

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