How to Enjoy Cams as a Couple

Keeping Things Fresh

When you’re in a relationship it can feel wonderful. Relationships bring comfort, stability, and happiness. The thing is, a relationship can also sometimes lose that, “Fresh,” feeling after a well and before you know it things are predictable, boring, and even at times lacking in that sexual, “Spark,” that you and your partner had earlier on. Now, there is no magic number that works for all couples when it comes to how often should they should do anything from basic intimacy like kissing to more exotic activities that could involve whips, chains, or ropes.

One size does not fit all, metaphorically speaking. However, if you and your partner are worried things are dull, or simply want to avoid the chance things will ever get boring, study after study and article after article will tell you that trying new things is the key to keeping things hot in the bedroom and making sure your intimacy is hot and heavy. One of the most common fantasies men and women have in relationships (be they male-male, male-female, or female-female) is multi-partner sex.

A lot of people are nervous to physically bring another man or woman into a couple’s sex-life, however. What’s a solution to try something new and fiery like incorporating another partner or couple without it being too awkward, however? One excellent solution is using cams!

Three Reasons to Try Camming As a Couple

You’ve read about why it is good to try something new sexually with your partner, but why consider cams specifically? Let’s explore three big reasons that you can discuss with your partner if you choose to bring up the idea of perhaps considering camming together.

1. Cams Skip Much of the Hassle of Finding a Partner (or Partners)!

If you’re a couple that is interested in the idea of incorporating another man, woman, or couple into your bedroom activities the idea of finding a person to physically join you can be intimidating. What sites do you use, how can you be sure the person will be appealing physically, fun to talk with (as sex generally has lots of conversation too), or that the whole thing won’t be awkward?

Well, by you and your partner using cams you can sidestep a whole lot of stress. You can log-on to a site such as the one you’re reading this blog post on or any other cam site you like and find that man or woman who appeals to both you and your partner. Plus, if you’re looking for a gay male couple or lesbian couple those are on the site too in addition to plenty of straight couples!

2. It is a Safe and Easy Way to Explore Fantasies

Red Leather Dress Fantasy

According to many studies and surveys around 1/3 of women who identify as straight have had some form of sex (oral, fingering, etc.) with women at least once or have had many fantasies involving women run through their minds even though they would not declare themselves bisexual or lesbians. It isn’t just ladies who have taken these actions or had such thoughts, however.

About 1/4 of men who would say they are straight have had some form of sex with a man (oral, handjobs, etc.) or fantasized about it. It isn’t just straight people who have these thoughts, however. It is perfectly normal for gay men or male couples to at times have sexual thoughts about women or a lesbian or female couple to think about men.

Honestly, plenty of people just ignore labels and say they like whoever they like, it can simply happen to be a man or woman at a certain time. Clearly we all have fantasies, and by using cams as a couple that is a safe and easy way for you both to explore fantasies you may have. You can easily find hot men or women quite turned-on by the idea of camming with a couple wanting to explore their sexuality–or another couple who wants to join you in playing and discovering what turns you all on the most.

3. Cams Are a Lot Easier to Use Anytime the Moods Strikes Without Annoying Scheduling!

You and your partner were sitting on the couch and gave each other, “The eyes.” You know the one, that look you both understand means, “We’re horny, let’s fuck.” You also agreed you wanted to try something new like incorporating another man, woman, or couple into your sex.

Now, do you have to take the time to call someone up, wait for them to come over, and then finally have sex, or would it be a lot easier to get on your Cam and start having fun with someone else who is also ready and eager to join? Cams don’t require you to balance a bunch of schedules or sit around waiting when the mood strikes. You and your partner simply get horny, get on a cam, and get-off with another sexy man, woman, or couple.

One Additional Note: Agree On What You Both are Comfortable With

Before ending this article it is important to add one additional note that is key for all of this (and sex in general, really). Make sure you and your partner have agreed on whatever you both are comfortable with before camming. If you both want to just watch cams, that is fine, should you agree to try going cam2cam with someone, make sure it is agreed who can get unclothed, who should not, etc.

By making sure you both have established what your, “Yes,” and, “No,” list is for trying this exciting new sexual activity you can be sure you’ll both have the most satisfying experience possible. Plus, the odds are good you’ll enjoy it so much that camming as a couple could very well become one of your go-to activities for when you both want to spice things up a bit every now and then!

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